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Trip to Japan

Posted by Oleg Zhurakousky on March 3, 2008

Next week (March 13th) I’ll be flying to Japan, to help yet another very large client to migrate from BEA to JBoss and being strong supporter of Open Source I love every chance I get to do something like that. But besides the fact that I’ve never been to Japan and feel rather excited to actually go there, I am starting to think more and more about the fact that what I am actually going to be doing is migrating from proprietary implementation of legacy technology (J2EE) to its open source counterpart. Yes, in the past few years J2EE has become legacy technology especially with products and frameworks led by Spring (full stack), Terracotta, ASF and technologies such as OSGi as well as many others. J2EE (with all its variations) has become outdated and can no longer support demands of the current enterprise. . . And of course I’ll be pitching these thoughts and all my other IT passions while I am in Tokyo, but for now I am simply looking forward to lots of Sushi and whatever else that is cool to do or see while I am there. . .


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