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Spring-DM Tutorial


7 Responses to “Spring-DM Tutorial”

  1. Brian Topping said

    Nice doc. A couple of things. It should be noted that the PDE Tools only exist in the Eclipse download for plugin/RCP development. That’s obvious in hindsight, but takes a while for an Eclipse n00b to figure out. And at least in my installation, I was unable to keep Equinox running in the console with the platform bundles deselected. I haven’t figured out exactly which was required, nor was the missing dependency obvious at all. I’m running on OS-X if that matters.

    Otherwise an extremely well-done piece of work, thanks kindly for sharing it!

  2. Oleg Zhurakousky said

    Brian. Glad I can help!
    Anyway, I am not sure i understand this: “. . .It should be noted that the PDE Tools only exist in the Eclipse download for plug in/RCP development.. . .” As far as I remember, basic Eclipse has always had PDE environment included in it’s distribution. Also, just as an FYI, the version of Eclipse i built this tutorial on is Europa 3.3. So if you can give me more details, I’ll be glad to update the document. Also, if you can explain what do you mean when you say “. . .you were unable to keep Equinox running. . .”. Bundles and dependencies only affect another bundles and their life cycle. Equinox is just a platform for hosting them and should not be affected by any discrepancies between the bundles.

  3. Stefan said

    Thanks for the nice doc. Regards inclusion of META-INF/spring in the resulting jar, there’s a simpler solution than including the project root into the buildpath. Include the following snippet in the pom.xml’s build section:



  4. Stefan said

    shit, the comment function eats all tags, I’ll try once more with quoting:

  5. Oleg Zhurakousky said

    Thanks Stefan
    I’ll modify the doc. That is a pretty cool solution and definitely much cleaner and more elegant.

  6. Jack Hung said

    Thank for a simply yet complete hand-on tutorial.

  7. duboscph said

    thanks for the doc. I did not understand your last chapter about logging. When you want to log, you shoud add the log4j bundle as a dependency of your bundle. if you modify your log4j.properties and refresh the bundle, it will stop and restart your bundle. That’s not really a “hot deploy” change of your log4j configuration. Is it true ?

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